Rants and ooohh.. Krave..

So you’re probably thinking ‘rave’? What’s chelsea moaning about now?

No, I am not moaning (for once) I am simply ranting about my ever lasting love and devotion towards food and their creators. I love food and all things filling. Right now on my desk I have  a pack of chocolate digestives, pasta (home-made might I add), a demolished bar of cadbury’s chocolate and tons of moam wrappers.

I just simply love food. You wouldn’t think it looking at my size 8 frame, with volptuous curves and the right amount of breast and ass.

I joke, I don’t look like that. I wasn’t that fortunate in the woman department.. any woman who can run without the issue of being knocked out by her boobs will understand.

Everyone asks ‘how can you eat so much and be so slim?’

My answer?… Exercise.

100 sit ups and push ups a day, 50 squats morning and night and a five mile jog.

That obviously isn’t my answer, I don’t exercise what so ever.. not if you class going to the fridge to get the last piece of chocolate fudge cake, with caramel filling and soft, delicious cream on top..

With a side plate of sugar coated strawberries.

I meet people on a day today basis who say to me ‘ohh I need to stop eating so much’ as they shove their sixth piece of celery in their mouth. They have skinny frames, sitting delicately in size six jeans.

I once tried fitting into a size 6.. I couldn’t get them over my thighs.

Women who moan about their weight when they clearly need to put weight on annoy me! You are fit as fuck, curves so much better than Kim Kardashian’s and you want to get rid of that?!

Wake up sister!

Anyway that was just a rant I’d thought i’d get out there whilst I eat my 12th digestive and then move on to the pot noodle that’s being staring at me with them puppy dog eyes since 9 ‘o’ clock this morning.

I would’ve ate it but I was to busy eating pancakes smothered with strawberry jam and too much sugar. And that was after two pieces of toast and red berrie porridge.

Yum. Time to get FAT!




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